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I’ve Got A Secret For You!

August 4, 2011 // Uncategorized

Have you noticed that I haven’t been blogging as much over the past few months? I’ve even nixed most of my social calendar and doing something that I never did before…cancelling at the last minute. I have a really good reason for all of that.

You see, I’ve been lazing on the couch in a stupendous fog unable to sometimes get dressed or brush my hair. I’ve been busy growing a baby and it has truly thrown me for a loop! I’m 15 weeks along and I *think* the nausea is less than it was. I’m also not falling asleep in random places or looking like a hungover mum at the playground anymore.

Instead I’ve traded that set of pregnancy symptoms in for emotional crying bursts, ‘why did you say that to me?sob sob sob. The nausea has been replaced with hormone headaches and I’m currently giving Kim Kardashian a run for her money. Either that, or I am carrying another baby in my ass.

Everyone has a different pregnancy and I can already claim this one is much different than the one with Ben. When I’ve told people that I am pregnant I’ve heard a few, ‘Oh, I so knew it! You’ve looked HORRIBLE the last while’.

It’s true. But seriously, have you ever tried to go to work with a really bad hangover….well, then you can relate because it basically included all of the same feelings.

As much as these symptoms have been hard, I truly embrace each and everyone one of them because it means I’m growing a baby. I wouldn’t trade my teenage pimples or greasy hair for anything!

PS. So far my most prized first trimester moment was throwing up an entire strawberry smoothie in front of Ben… into the bath tub as that was the closest thing to me. The horrified look on his face and blood curdling scream will never be forgotten. In fact, I am sure it may have somehow traumatized his childhood a little bit. Especially when he was all like, ‘umm you gonna clean that up mama?’ in between sobs and tears.



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