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My Breasts Are My Personalized Pregnancy Test

August 11, 2011 // Birth & Breastfeeding

I’m one of those gals that doesn’t need to pee on a stick to know that I’m pregnant. I’ve been pregnant a total of four times and each time my boobs have blinked ‘pregnant! pregnant!’ shortly after conception.

*sensitivity to everything including a light breeze…check!

*new arrays of colour…check!

*increasingly never ending growing bust line…check!

When I was pregnant with Ben I was a little surprised at the girth my girls grew too. I headed out at 13 weeks to buy a new bra and sighed with comfort when the proper size was picked out and placed on my heaving bosom. I remember, as I adjusted the large shoulder straps, the sales lady congratulated me on my entrance into motherhood.

It seems that this pregnancy is no exception. In fact, my sweet darling little boy even noticed that something is up with mama.

‘Mama, is the baby growing in your boobs?’

It very well feels like that could be possible and I’ve got new cleavage bursting out all over the place. Which is grand and I’m rocking each moment as it comes my way. The only thing is, hands off because growing is painful business!

Today I went to my massage therapist to see if she could give me some relief from a constant headache that I’ve been battling. She took one look at me and straight up said, ‘Andrea, it’s your chest that is giving you so much grief! It’s giving you bad tension in your muscles as you blossom’. So she worked her magic on my back and neck and I came out feeling much better. I loved the relief so much that I’m booked back in for this Saturday.

All these mammary changes just remind me that my body is getting ready to prepare for breastfeeding. Something that I’m looking forward to after having such a positive and rewarding experience the first time around.



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