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What Do You Want For Your Birthday?

August 19, 2011 // Uncategorized

I asked my boy what he would like for his upcoming third birthday and he knew what he wanted right way, like in a nanosecond.

He wants a backhoe.

Ben has naturally gravitated towards trucks and diggers and all things construction since he was just over a year old. In fact, at this time last year he was befriending the construction crew downtown.

Extreme concentration is required during this part!

His favourite show of the moment is Bob The Builder and he can identify each piece of equipment at great speed. There has started to be occasions where he has corrected me. ‘That’s not a backhoe mama! That’s a wheel loader!’. Apparently, I’m already exasperating my child. Funny because I thought that came more in the tween years?

I’m currently scoping out the coolest backhoe a three year old could possibly want. I recently saw a big sale on of different diggers but I could already feel the upset if I was to go ahead and buy an excavator or (gasp!) a wheel loader instead of the coveted backhoe.



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