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Sleep is History: No Naps For My Boy

September 19, 2011 // Uncategorized

When Ben was about 14 months old he started to sleep through the night and have these awesome predictable afternoon naps that lasted hours. After not getting much sleep the first 14 months, we truly rejoiced and celebrated this grand occasion. We patted ourselves on the back for getting him to have this really amazing sleep schedule. Sure, the boy still woke up early but he slept quietly and soundly 12 hours all night long and napped solid from 1-4 PM. It was pretty awesome.

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A rare sleep filled moment that had to be captured.

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16 months old and fast asleep in the dogs bed.

We did everything to protect Ben’s fantastic sleep schedule and it was a really good run. A few months back we noticed that Ben was just not tired when it came to his usual 730 PM bedtime. We would lay him in his bed and he would call out for things and tell us he wasn’t tired. So we adjusted his bedtime and it worked…for a little while. Then his bedtime became 830 PM…then 9 PM…and sometimes he’d been calling out wide awake at 930 PM.

Just as we were pulling our hair out with bedtime frustration, Ben started dropping his afternoon nap. The horror! That glorious 2-3 hour afternoon nap had become a part of my day over the last 1.5 years. I’d use the time to either recover from shift work, or lately to nap my tired pregnant self… etc etc etc. I am sure any of you could find something to do on your own for 2-3 hours each and every afternoon. But if it meant a late bedtime, I guess I’d be willing to suck it up and have him give it up!

The dropping of the nap started out slowly enough with the odd afternoon where Ben proclaimed that he was ‘wide awake!’. I’d still try to put him down and go through the same routine but nothing worked. He’d call out and say that he was ‘all done mama!’. It’s been a solid week now of no afternoon naps and we are moving forward.

The bright side of this no nap sadness (my sadness, not Ben’s) is that he is going to bed nice and early. Tonight he was in his bed and fast asleep by 730 PM. I can handle that! The quiet evenings with time to hang out with my husband are really nice. We ate Thai food together and relaxed together in a tidy apartment.

Big boy Ben just before his 3rd birthday playing in the dirt.



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