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They Call Me Mrs. Grumpypants!

September 23, 2011 // Uncategorized

Our home has been invaded by a miserable case of the contagious grumps. It started off when my husband contracted a man cold and it progressed to Ben just being a normal 3 year old. After battling the boys grumps and airing out the apartment, I thought it was over. Unfortunately, the grumps spread to me.

People! Stand back!

I am going to blame my case of grumps on the amazing fluctuating hormones of pregnancy. I woke up feeling just fine and had a sweet cuddle in bed with Ben, but after that sweetness the whole day deteriorated into a stream of toddler antics with an emotional mama with a short fuse.

I forewarned my husband, who by the way has fully recovered from his man cold, to stay far far away from the apartment. I was really looking out for him. I think it is better to be honest with your moodiness than to just ignore it (or even blame it on someone else, which I’ve done before).

The hard part is, everything and anything annoyed me today. That kind of painful annoyance that feels like stepping on a Lego with your bare feet when you are especially tired.

The rain annoyed me.

The messy apartment annoyed me (seriously, did I not just clean it?).

Running out of dish washing cleaner annoyed me.

The over abundance of ‘stuff’ sitting out in the apartment annoyed me.

The dental hygienist calling me with a reminder annoyed me.

Running out of my favourite Kiel’s shampoo annoyed me.

See what I mean? Seriously! I need to shake this mood! Let’s hope tomorrow the scrub pants I’ll be wearing will replace my current grumpy pant attire. Somethings got to give.



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