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25 Weeks And Growing!

October 15, 2011 // Uncategorized

I’m currently 25 weeks into this pregnancy and while I’d truly love to say that I’m feeling wonderful and full of energy, I would be out right lying to you. Unfortunately, that first trimester fog never did clear up for me. I am still falling into bed by 9 PM most nights and could nap every single day if I had the opportunity too. This pregnancy is harder than my first and I think that is related to working full time and being a mum of 1 already.

Things are growing! Boobs! Belly! Bum! Check!

Pregnancy Favourites:

My favourite thing about being pregnant is feeling all of the fetal movements. I love figuring out what position my baby is in based on the kicks and punches. This babe moves quite a bit but since my placenta is anterior, on the front, I feel less movement overall than I did with Ben. Apparently, as baby gets bigger I can expect to feel more and more movements. I also love watching my bump get bigger and rounder. Sometimes I surprise myself when I walk by a mirror and catch a quick glance of myself. Like, WHOA! When did that happen?!

My Pregnancy and Diabetes:

I’m still chugging along with my type 1 diabetes and the massive amounts of blood sugar checks and frequent insulin pokes I’m doing for pregnancy. As my placenta continues to grow and grow, my insulin levels go up and up. Another thing that is going up and up is my weight. In fact, the increased insulin demands and weight gain go hand in hand. They do even in non pregnant people too. The more insulin I take, the more pounds come my way. I’d say I’m eating pretty much the same as I did pre pregnancy; I have no aversions and no cravings and get full annoyingly fast.

My current insulin doses are 43 units in the AM and 45 units at bedtime. I also have gone up by about 25% in my fast acting doses when I eat. My placenta is doing its job and so I’m doing my job at making a big effort in keeping my blood sugars well controlled. Sometimes I get a random surprise high blood sugar, usually it’s related to a stressful situation at work or lack of sleep. All the hormones work together but sometimes they are not right on target! Those surprise high blood sugars frustrate me to no end, it’s not like I ate a big donut and the cause is obvious. I don’t fret too long and just go with the swing of things and correct as needed.

My Pregnancy Plan:

I have made the decision not too push myself too much and am heading off on sick leave from work in about 7 weeks. I am going to try and take care of my own health and my pregnancy and enjoy the time off over the holiday season. I plan to go into full nesting mode once December 1 is here!

The one thing that is really different for me this time around is that I am a lot more relaxed and less anxious. I was a super anxious pregnant lady with Ben and did not enjoy each stage nearly as much as I wished. Instead, I was consumed with worry and envisioning the worst case scenario at every stage. This is what happens when you work in perinatal and obstetrics, you just know too much. So, this time around I’ve made the conscious decision to enjoy my pregnancy and just let it progress. Especially as we plan on only 2 babies!



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