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How To Get Your Child To Sleep Through The Night

October 21, 2011 // Uncategorized

That is the million dollar question that parents are always wondering and talking about in person and on line. Have you ever searched on line about babies and sleep? There are crazy amounts of forums with people asking the same question. Some parents are lucky and get born sleepers and the rest of us go through the trenches of nighttime parenting, because no matter how you slice it nighttime parenting is a lot more draining than parenting in the day. Mostly because we’ve already had a full day and are wanting some rest and rejuvenation that sleep is suppose to bring us.

The thing is, when you are up at 1 AM, 3 AM, 430 AM you often feel utterly alone. Like you are the only person that is up being tortured by the pain of sleep deprivation. But if you were to ask around you’d find out that so many of your colleagues, neighbours, friends, were all doing the same thing too.

In our cozy apartment we’ve been battling the imagination of a 3 year old and have been hunting for wolves that have hidden in Ben’s bedroom. While the story of why we are up at night has changed since Ben was a baby, the pain of nighttime wake ups still feels the same.

I remember when Ben was an infant, I was groaning to a girlfriend about how I was up every few hours with my babe and wished for a few hours of consecutive sleep. She gave me some great advice that I filed away:

There WILL always be something when you are nighttime parenting. First it will be the fussy baby, the baby who wants to sleep with you, a wet diaper, a lost pacifier. Then it will be monsters under the bed, shadows in the corner of the room and scary noises in the dark. Then there will be growing pains and anxiety about school and friends. After all that, just when you think you have got it covered, there will be late night outings that keep you awake till your ‘baby’ comes home safely.



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