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Conversations With My Boy

November 25, 2011 // Uncategorized

There has been a regular conversation going on in my house for the last few weeks. Apparently my boy has inherited my gene for the love of all things Christmasy and the anticipation is killing him.

‘Mama, is it Christmas today?

‘No Ben. It’s over a month away. But after Christmas the baby will come!’

Satisifed with the answer for now the boy moved on. Until the next day when he asked me the same question.

‘Mama, is it Christmas today? Maybe tomorrow?’

‘No Ben, it’s still a month away. Let me show you on this calendar here.’

Still not satisfied with my answer he now asks me:

‘Mama, is it Christmas today? Is it tomorrow? Is the baby come out of you right now? Is it going to be coming out of you soon?’

Very subtle Mr. Ben. He is one eager boy that is for sure! He is excited about Christmas lights and decorations and cookies and hot chocolate too.



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