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It’s a Day Time Date in the City!

November 27, 2011 // Uncategorized

I’ve worked most full weekends for the last several months and every single Sunday for sure for the last two months. I’m not complaining because it’s what I asked for to help out our family with childcare. However, this weekend I was off and thought I’d make use of it while I’m still only half waddling. I booked the teenage neighbourhood babysitter and made a date with my husband.

Waiting for the taxi cab to take us away!

It was sort of short notice and I’m glad it all worked out because we ended up having a great afternoon together. The kind of afternoons that used to be plentiful and frequent. We didn’t feel rushed or frantic and took our sweet time. Luckily the weather was perfect for a Vancouver November day and the heat surges of 31 weeks kept me perfectly warm strolling along the city sidewalks.

We dined at a Malaysian restaurant and I sipped coconut water out of a coconut and ate various delicious bites. I end up filling up so fast these days that I’ve become more of an appetizer girl and feel instantly sorry if I push myself into eating too much. It was great to go out for lunch and chit chat about miscellaneous things.

If only it was filled with coconut rum (tee hee)…

One big topic that kept coming up was buying a new bed. We had been sleeping on an 8 year old bed that I bought when I first moved downtown to work. It was the worst hard mattress a girl could buy but I was just happy to be able to buy a bed back then. We had been using a memory foam topper for the last 5 years and it was doing the job just fine. But it was starting to show its age and it was time to buy something new.

***Flash back to last week when my husband thought he would be super awesome and went out by himself and picked out a brand new bed for us. A grand gesture that is really impressive but the bottom line is this: don’t buy a bed for your partner if they aren’t there with you. Turns out I actually hated the new bed and its extreme cushy softness. I felt so bad about the whole situation because he was truly being sweet.***

So, today we headed back to the bed shop and I flip flopped, and nearly fell asleep, on about a dozen beds. Within 30 seconds of laying down on a specific bed I knew that I had found my dream bed. So we exchanged purchases and I walked away filled with giddy delight that shopping can give you.

We capped off our day with a slowly paced coffee at our favourite local chain of coffee houses, Caffe Artigiano. Day time dates are fantastic and I so appreciate them. Plus pair it with a brand new dream bed and my day has seriously been made! Now I just can’t wait for the delivery of our new bed!



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