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Not Quite Little Old Lady Standards…but I’m close!

November 5, 2011 // Uncategorized

I’m not quite the little old lady with the blister packs of multiple daily medications, but I just might be approaching her level of drugstore frequency!

I know I am a regular at the drugstore when the pharmacist doesn’t ask my name when I pick up my prescriptions anymore. Instead, I just get handed my bag and a happy wave hello and goodbye. I know I’m a pharmacy regular when I hit my insurance deductible months ago and now pay $0.00 for every single prescription that I get. That alone tells you that I might be a frequent pharmacy flier!

To add to the mix of my usual insulin syringes, blood glucose test strips and two types of insulin, I am now taking a few more pregnancy related things.

Of course I’ve got my standard prenatal vitamins, but apparently they weren’t doing the job at keeping my body happy. So, I’m now taking an iron supplement, vitamin B12 supplements three times a day and your standard prescription grade acid reflux medication.

And there you have it! I’m a regular at the drugstore but they haven’t yet offered to blister pack my medications for me into those friendly day by day packages.



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