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The Working Mama Misses Out

November 2, 2011 // Uncategorized

One of the troubles with being a working mama are those times when I miss out on sweet childhood moments, like getting dressed up in a costume for Halloween. Thankfully, I have a spouse who picks right up and makes the most out of the occasion. I’m sure that in the years to come I will have to work through Christmas or miss some other big moment. This type of work schedule is just’ just part of being a nurse.

Last year I had to miss out on dressing Ben up in his Itsy Bitsy spider costume because of work, and this year it was the exact same thing. A 12 hour day shift got in the way of being able to do something sweet and special with my boy. Yesterday, I was working hard for my money (seriously, it’s been busy busy busy!) and so I missed out on watching Ben get ready in his, personally requested, hamburger costume. I missed seeing his little face as he saw all the other neighbourhood children out and about in their own costumes.

Luckily for me, my husband took all the requested photos that I had carefully instructed him to take. Through all the photos I did get to see Ben’s little face light up at the sight of other people dressed up and the candy he was allowed to bring home!

I just wish I was there to give my little hamburger a big nibble.



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