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Third Trimester Here I am! Type 1 Diabetes And All!

November 13, 2011 // Uncategorized

I’m into the third trimester of my pregnancy, 29 weeks right now, and things are growing and going well for me. I have to admit, I have not had one single craving or aversion this whole pregnancy and that has probably helped me keep up with my diabetic control. Can you imagine if I was craving double chocolate cake or sour candies? Diabetics are still normal pregnant mamas. It’s just a bigger deal if I was to indulge that craving.

I’ve put an extra effort into eating healthy and have been boosting my intake of vegetables and have made a conscious effort to eat less processed food. Healthy eating is so important in maintaining my blood sugars and keeping things in line. Also, I really do not want to grow a 12 lb baby and being a diabetic I am more at risk of having a larger baby. So, I’ll take an apple instead of that muffin, or I’ll have sweet potatoes instead of your standard white potato. I eat lots of salads with chicken for lunch and have opted out on pasta dishes.

I recently had an excellent discussion with my endocrinologist about my frustrations around being healthy and having type 1 diabetes in pregnancy and having a big baby (Ben!) in the past. I love seeing this particular endocrine because she treats me professionally and with intellect. We talk research studies and the conversations are always smart and intriguing for me.

When I had Ben I had excellent glycemic control and was so proud of my efforts and my endocrine was too. However, I did push out an almost 8 lb baby 36 weeks. This is bigger than your average 36 week baby born to a non diabetic. However, my babe was born with stable blood sugars and never needed the help of the NICU. This tells me that my own disease had not effected my baby and that my blood sugars were stable.

I love how she explained things to me and I actually learned a few things during our last conversation. Essentially, a non diabetic who is pregnant gets a naturally lowered state of blood sugars through their pregnancy. So, if the average blood sugar is 4-7 (Canadian conversion) a pregnant mama walks around in the 4 and 5 range. The baby gets no excess boosts of sugar to their system and doesn’t need to pump out any extra insulin. In a diabetic like myself, I’m happy to be walking around with a blood sugar of 6. Which is a great safe level and in the healthy range but it still gives the baby just that little bit of extra sugar.

Now For Your Short And Sweet Science Lesson!

If I was having lots of high blood sugars, my baby would make extra insulin to combat the excess glucose they were inadvertently taking in. The problem is, when baby is born they are used to pumping out lots of extra insulin but the source of excess sugar has been taken away. The baby ends up getting severe low unstable blood sugars and often need to be admitted to the NICU and have IV’s of sugar water and a tight feeding plan put into place.



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