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Christmas Traditions Continue: This Year In The Form Of A Spa Pedicure

December 18, 2011 // Uncategorized

Every year I meet up with my girlfriend Krista and we go off and do something to celebrate the Christmas season. Some years it has been a nice lunch out, or a fancy high tea or some other little luxury. This year we met up at Spa Utopia downtown for a little polishing and painting of our tootsies. It was one of those really nice afternoons filled with lounging, girl talk and celebrating tradition. Plus a pedicure at Spa Utopia is a big treat for me and I do enjoy a good treat!

Not my feet, I saved you from viewing my own puffy swollen pregnant feet!

I think one of the reasons that I get so into the holidays is largely because of traditions, and Christmas is filled with so much of that. Having things to look forward to year after year warms me up and makes me feel happy. It also is a good way to force myself to slow down and take the time to celebrate people that are important in my life.

It is also apparent that I love to make events special by adding the word ‘annual‘ to them. Which is why this year I’ve already been to my 3rd annual Christmas cookie exchange and my 12th annual sisters Christmas shopping weekend! I seriously just can’t help myself. Having an annual event helps to create tradition and I love that. It is also the reason why I sit down and write Christmas cards every year, even even if I’m falling down tired or back in the day when Ben was 4 months old and cried day in and day out. Writing Christmas cards and mailing them off is a tradition that I purposefully keep.

Do you have any traditions that give you that warm holiday feeling?



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