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It’s A Girl!!

December 1, 2011 // Uncategorized

I’m having a baby girl!! Well, at least that is what every single stranger, acquaintance and friend has told me. Apparently the reasons I’m having a girl, as per the people who love to wager a prediction; I’m glowing, my hair is lush, my skin/face is radiant, my tummy is shaped a certain way that just says girl. Funny enough I’ve never yet had anyone guess a boy. Even Ben is determined that a baby sister is growing inside of me.

The truth is, we are that couple who purposefully wait till the baby makes an appearance to find out if there will be another boy joining our family or if a baby girl will make an appearance.

I’m not one to have to have everything planned to the last detail before a baby arrives. I actually do not have a need to know who is growing inside of me to feel prepared and I truly have no preference with what I have. I just want a healthy baby and that is my bottom line. In most parts of my life I’m definitely quite an impatient person so it is a little refreshing that I can take it as it comes and just wait it out when it comes to planning for the arrival of our baby.

In my job I get to see both sides of things. I’ve met the couple who is anxiously awaiting the arrival of their son Tyler and talk about him like he is already part of the family, complete with monogrammed blankets awaiting Tyler’s arrival. I also get to see the reaction of families who wait to find out who is joining their family until the birth. From the work that I do, it seems that the people who wait to find out experience a different type of intensity and joy when hearing, ‘it’s a boy!’. The rush of birth hormones and that intense ‘labour high’ all combine to make the announcement a bit more intense. This is what I am excited about!

I don’t think there is one right answer and I love that we get to have the choice about finding out or not. For now I relish in the guesses from all the people and love to flip flop between envisioning having another son versus having a daughter. I love to day dream and think about who is growing in my belly. I love buying sweet white sleepers and mocha coloured blankets.

So, what is your stance? Are you old fashion like me and choose to wait till the birth to find out who is joining your family or did you find out the sex as soon as technologically possible?

Would you find out the sex of your baby before the birth?



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