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Apartment Baby: It’s Kitchen Sink Bath Time!

January 21, 2012 // Uncategorized

‘Mum, what are we going to do today?’. This is the very first question of the day when Ben rolls out of his bed and joins me in my bedroom. While I was off on maternity leave, pre baby Josie, I always had some sort of plans for us to do, but right now we are laying low and I don’t have any big plans for us.

This morning, through blissful bleary eyes, I thought that maybe a little kitchen sink bath for Josie would be fun for Ben to help with. He was pretty excited by the idea and gathered wash cloths and her towel and his little stool to stand on to help.

This was a great early morning activity for a big brother and a tired mama. Ben was mesmerized by his sister floating in the kitchen sink and being allowed to drip water over her. Josie loves the bath already, she takes after her mummy I think! I’ve bathed a lot of newborns and this newborn girl is content floating in the warm water.

I’m still in the warm fuzzy swooning stage, but it’s meeting up with the constant tired phase too. I’m really trying to relish all these newborn moments and am trying to not wish them away. The frigid Winter weather has kept me cozy inside and we’ve only had one short walk along the seawall and we were bundled up and baby wearing to keep both of us warm.

I’d love to have a few more cat naps and maybe some meals prepared but that is about it! Poor Ben is feeling a wee bit neglected and I hear a constant sigh of, ‘no one wants to play with me’… about 50 times an 1 hour but whose counting? I’m determined that he will learn the art of playing alone, at least for some chunks of the morning where I’m still in my all nighter coma.



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