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I Am Exhausted: Confessions Of A Pregnant Type 1 Diabetic

January 8, 2012 // Uncategorized

The frequent pokes on my fingers to check my blood sugars and the constant titration of my insulin doses is starting to get old and even a bit tiresome. Always having to think about what I’m eating and how it will effect my blood sugars and ultimately my growing baby. It is exhausting and I’m trying really hard to keep perspective that it is literally only a matter of days and not weeks or months left to keep up the hard work.

I’ve kept an excellent attitude through this second pregnancy with dealing with a chronic disease, but the truth is at 37+ weeks I am feeling done with the over monitoring and the hyper vigilance. It has become exhausting for me and my body is sore from being a big pin cushion for needles and pokes. In the last 90 days I have done 735 blood sugar tests.

While many mamas indulge in chocolate sundaes, thick pieces of cake or whatever their craving may be, I really haven’t been able to do that. Now that I’m extra big and round and spend more time just being at home, I really want that gigantic piece of chocolate. Not the 70% dark chocolate that I’ve allowed myself bits and pieces of, but a big old delicious chocolate bar that oozes caramel and maybe crunches with toffee.

Last night I woke up at 3 AM to do my regular middle of the night blood sugar check, which is something I’ve been doing since about 5 weeks pregnant. I had a lot of positive gusto about being a pregnant type 1 diabetic up until very recently. I didn’t mind having to do all the extra work to make sure things were healthy and stable. I loved getting those good blood sugar readings at 3 AM! It made me happy and I felt in control and on top of things. At 37 weeks this is starting to get old.

Of course I will continue with my health regime and I truly want the very best diabetic control for me and my growing baby. I will poke my fingers 10 times a day and give myself whatever insulin dose my body requires. I will pass on that delicious ice cream treat and choose an apple. I just may shed a frustrated tear in the process! 6 more days until my induction of labour and I’m trying very hard to keep things in perspective!



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