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I’m Wearing Pants and Other Musings

January 26, 2012 // Uncategorized

You know things are different in your life when your goal for the day is to just wear pants. I mean ‘real’ pants; no stretch, no Lululemon and no drawstrings to boot. To keep things interesting my other goal was to put on a bra, leave the apartment and take my baby for her well baby check up at the paediatricians office.

Yep, my goal for the day was to simply wear jeans. I like to keep my post partum goals simple. Just the other day my goal was to make the bed but I never did get around to it. It felt fantastic to get dressed and leave the apartment. I had grand ideas of going out for lunch or grabbing a delicious latte at my favourite place, but that fantasy was quickly halted with the pelting cold rain coming down at all angles. However, I wore jeans and my goal was accomplished! Once we were back home I quickly traded in my jeans for pants that were stretchy and also had a drawstring!



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