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Lounging In Bed: Mama and Her Newborn

January 23, 2012 // Uncategorized

Right now I want to hole up in my bed with sweet little Josie and let the outside world pass us by. I don’t want to venture outside of our little apartment or throw myself back into my regular routine. I want to thoroughly enjoy this short period and truly immerse myself in getting to know her.

In this short time I’ve found the beauty in having my second child is, I’m able to more intently soak up each minute and enjoy it with purpose. Even those moments that happen at 3 AM. With my first baby I was always eager to get to the next milestone and I’d wish time away. Yet, this time around I’m most content when it is just her and I lounging in my bed.

Nestled between the bedsheets; my soft newborn and I. We nurse, snuggle and smooch the hours away and I relish it. Our night times together are cozy and while everyone else is fast asleep, there is only me to hold her.

In my ideal world there would be no distractions to interfere with this new mama love fest. There would be no laundry to do or dinner to make. Instead there would be an endless time warp of love all while tucked away in my bed. Moments together would be filled with snoozing and skin to skin quietness. Snack dishes would accumulate on my bedside table and that would be okay. I wouldn’t see the mountain of baby laundry piling at the foot of my bed, because I’d be too busy staring at my sweet Josie.

Josephine, 8 days old



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