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The Big ONE! With Lots Of F* Bombs For Added Enjoyment

January 22, 2012 // Uncategorized

I was debating about whether or not to write about my birth story of sweet baby Josephine, Do people like reading other peoples birth stories? After some thought I decided of course I wanted to document the grand occasion! I’ve always loved all things about pregnancy and birth, and my passion naturally extends to my own experience.

The day before I went into the hospital I went for my weekly visit to my OB. Blood pressure was up a smidge and together we decided the next day would be a beautiful day to start my induction. I was planning on an induction of labour anyways for type 1 diabetes and it was moved up by 2 days.

Professionally I know that an induction of labour can take several days for some mamas, and I really felt like that could be me too! So much so that I told my husband to wait at home until later on and left for the hospital in the morning all by myself. I told him that I’d prefer a tidy apartment than for him to just sit and wait with me. I’m practical like that. Part of the reason I went by myself is that my place of birth felt like my second home. There were friendly faces greeting me and I even got the exact same room I gave birth to Ben in. Somehow this was very comforting and I instantly felt relaxed and soothed.

After some waiting around for the induction to start, I finally had a Cervidil placed at 1130 AM. Nothing much happened and I chatted with my lovely day nurse Lindsey. We joked about how much I was looking forward to the Entonox gas and I told her my birth wishes. No drugs other than the gas and that any post birth suturing would be done by the OB. I unpacked my bag and settled into my room. I had packed a book and had some movies on my computer just in case this was going to be a 3 day induction.

Around 3 PM at work there is tea time in the nursing station and I decided that, even though I was a patient, I was going to go and join my coworkers for tea. It was around that time when I started to get really crampy feeling and the casual chit chat started to get fuzzy for me. I know that cramps are normal with Cervidil and can mean ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and so I just brushed it off. Then I started to find chatting to people to be too much work and headed back to my room where I eyed the entonox gas set up.

This time around I had very few medical interventions done for me. I did have an IV sited for my antibiotics for GBS and of course I had continuous fetal monitoring on for my type 1 diabetes. My fab nurse was able to get the wireless fetal monitoring, so I was able to move around and get up and down.

Soon the cramps turned to breathless contractions and I was starting to use the gas with each one. I couldn’t help but palpate my own uterus and could tell these were the real deal, so I texted my husband to get here…and fast. I was a little taken aback by the swiftness of the onset of my labour. I had a few giggles and laughs during the early labour with my nurse and enjoyed her presence very much. I stood and swayed and held hands with my husband during contractions. I wasn’t scared or worried, I was peaceful and at ease and accepting of the labour.

My labour kept on progressing and by 730 PM my night nurse Bev came into the room. She was one of my nurses when I was induced with Ben. The contractions were more intense but I felt like I was in a good groove. The original Cervidil was still in place and working like a charm! A few hours passed and I was reassessed and found to be about 3 cm, I agreed to a rupture of my membranes and soon I was 4 cm and sitting in the largest pool of clear fluid. It always amazes me just how much amniotic fluid can exist in one womb!

As expected, the rupture of water pushed me into true active labour complete with labour groans and lots of controlled soft breathing. I rode each contraction and in between felt pretty wonderful. I felt loved by my husband, safe and secure with my situation and at ease with the competency and care of my nurse. My sweet husband dutifully tested my blood sugars every single hour from early on, part of managing type 1 diabetes in labour.

Things pushed on and I was singing the songs of labour. I do not labour quietly; instead it felt so good to holler and moan and in general make lots of noise. In fact, I’d have to say that I felt more in control when a sound was coming out of me.

There was a point when I couldn’t decide what I wanted to do. Did I want to lay down, sit on the birthing ball, sit on the toilet, sway standing up? I needed someone to tell me what to do. I knew that I didn’t want to get in the bath, that just seemed like too much work and too hot. I was already covered in sweat and about 7 cm along.

At this point I needed lots of coaching from my nurse and it worked the best for me to hear her voice to keep me grounded and focused. My husband said that he could tell that I was most responsive to her and so he stepped back. Perfect decision! I really needed her expertise to get me through each contraction.

Soon I could feel the baby moving down and asked Bev to stay close to me. She held my hand and got right up in my face and said the exact things that I needed to hear. Soon the OB and the paediatrician came in and my groans and moans turned into words. Specifically, FUCK FUCK FUCK.

I found that when birthing a baby with no drugs hollering FUCK was very helpful during transition. I would have failed Scientology and Tom Cruise in a big way with this birth because it was the opposite of silent. Sometimes a long drawn out hollering of F..U..C..K can be really helpful as your nearly 9 lb baby moves down in your pelvis. Also helpful were the short bursts of FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! as the ring of fire took over.

After 13 minutes of pushing, my baby Josie was born at 0113 on January 13th. A little bit of sweetness.



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