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My Mama Love List

February 15, 2012 // Uncategorized

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure it will be a constant theme for the next while, but I’m really loving being a mama the second time around! There are definitely day to day challenges that pop up and moments that I do not adore, but overall this sweet newborn is making my heart burst. Maybe it’s the oxytocin that is constantly being released from all the breastfeeding going on over here, but there are bursts of love happening on a regular basis.

What’s that? I’m listening!

My Love List

I love patting her little bottom for no reason other than to feel how it fits right into the palm of my hand.

I love that Ben goes up to other mothers in the grocery store and begs them to come and check out his baby. Incidentally, I love how every single woman has responded with excitement.

I love how Ben and I sing our made up love song to Josie and, even more, I love how it has started to get a smile in response from her.

I love that strangers come up and comment on my baby and give me random baby advice. Yep, I love it. One day that advice will be sewn together for a hilarious blog post. When is advice from strangers ever not a little bit funny?

I love how having a new baby brings together family members, strengthens friendships and encourages new friendships to bloom.



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