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Becoming The Modern Day Housewife

March 15, 2012 // Uncategorized

When I was growing up my mum stayed at home with us 3 girls until I was about 10 years old, she also ran an at home daycare on top of it all. She was no doubt the head of the household and the one who organized dinner menus, knew when the bedsheets were to be changed, and which daughter had a special activity.

I’m now at the point in my year off from work where I realize that I’m not the most natural stay at home mum and am realizing that there are perks to having to high tail it off to work. This year I am going to have to grow and stretch to figure out how to run our home and, this is the big part, enjoy it at the same time. When I was working full time shift work my husband did the cooking when I worked. I’d come home from a long shift and eat delicious dinners and the home was somewhat tidy. My first day off would be spent puttering around the house and maybe doing some random wash and scrubbing of a toilet.

I had no fixed schedule on how to organize my family or our home, but it worked well with the random shift work schedule. Plus, when you aren’t home all the time the mess seems to matter a little bit less. There was also more of an equal distribution to the running of our home and also to parenting, or at least that was the expectation. Now that I am home for the next year, it is up to me to run this home with some weekend and evening help from my husband. However, those regular delicious dinners have become a faint memory. For now it is a bit more of a traditional distribution of work and not as modern as when I was also working outside of the home.

Back in the day baking an apple crumble was enough for me to feel that my household was in order.

I am feeling the crunch to get my ass in gear and tie on my modern apron and get this home running smoothly. The problem is, I realize that I am not a natural household manager. While I’ve got some good ideas I severely lack in the overall job. Most days 5 PM comes and Ben asks what for dinner and I have no idea. The toilet paper runs short and I look around to see who should have bought more (not me?!).

So, my blog reading friends, please please give me all of your tips for running a home smoothly! Do you work on a schedule? Do you do a big weekly grocery shop with meal planning? I need anything and everything to get myself motivated and dinner on the table. I’ll be blogging about my transition over the next while.



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