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Cashmere Memories From Italy

March 19, 2012 // Uncategorized

It was the Spring of 2008 and I was 18 weeks pregnant as we toured around Italy, eating and drinking in the culture. I really wanted to buy something for my baby to-be, but due to my profession I am a highly suspersticious pregnant lady and felt really uneasy buying something for the baby.

We were shopping in a fancy shop in Firenze when I found a small cashmere blanket at Loro Piana. I felt safe buying that blanket and thought that if anything was to happen I could always use a special blanket. I picked out a pretty peach colour and used that small blanket in our hotel room and on our travels back home to Vancouver.

When Ben was born we wrapped him up in it on his first day of life. He used it every single day up until he was 3 years old and moved into his real bed; when we traveled the blanket came with us. Somehow he went from needing that peach blanket every night to totally being fine without it. So, I washed it up and packed it in my hospital bag for baby #2.

Now our sweet Josie gets wrapped up in cashmere with memories of Italy. This small blanket has become a special family heirloom of sorts. It is amazing how well it has washed up over the last few years and how every time I feel it I’m instantly warmed.



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