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Wednesday Reflections Of A Modern Housewife: Goodbye Pyjama Mode

March 21, 2012 // Uncategorized

Today is Wednesday, AKA the notorious hump day. Hump day is really only important if you live your life Monday to Friday and right now I am. I’ve been able to do a lot of reflection so far this week and make some definite improvements about how I spend my time. I think I was still riding on the coat tails of how I spent my time off from work and was too far into the relaxed mode.

You see, when I was working I was usually rather exhausted on my first two days off. I’d spend them lounging around the apartment in comfortable clothing not doing a heck of a lot and that was okay. It was the way I recovered from working those long extended shifts, especially when I was pregnant. I sort of let that pajama mode seep into my current lifestyle.

I needed to recognize that it was time for a change and even doing that was a transition for me. In the past my time at home was spent recovering from shift work, being tired and pregnant, recovering from pregnancy/birth. Now, I am living daily life with a baby and need to find a new way; it took me awhile to get out of my old flow and into a new one. This week I had a goal of getting dressed early in my day instead of lounging around, like I had been doing, and it has helped immensely. Who knew that changing pajama pants for jeans and earrings would turn things around for me so much?

Getting dressed and ready for the day has helped me to feel a lot more organized and also has helped me to shape the day. I was ready for the change and I am so glad that I hopped on board with it. So far this week I’ve been making dinners without fretting and feeling annoyed, I’ve done some baking with Ben and the apartment has been clean and tidying. I haven’t really made a set list of when to do what and have been doing something everyday in the mornings while Josie naps. I’ve made an extra effort to not go to bed with mess laying around and that has helped me have easier mornings.

I guess it is all a learning process and I am excited to see if I will keep at it and continue to grow and change, or resort back to my old ways.



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