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Growing Up

April 24, 2012 // Uncategorized

Last March I went in for my routine dental cleaning and learned that the new hygienist was also (apparently) a psychic. She told me that she was psychic during the first five minutes of my cleaning. She proceeded to predict that I’d be having a baby girl and would be getting pregnant very soon. Apparently, having your plaque scraped is the perfect opportunity for a talker to bestow their psychic predictions on to you. She went on to tell me that she felt that I was the glue that holds my family together and the person that really makes us into a family. All this while I got my teeth cleaned and there were no extra fees added on to my work dental plan!

Well, she was correct about the baby girl part. Josie is here and she is already 3 months old. This baby has done wonders for me and has made me really embrace the art of my own motherhood. Rounding us up to a family of 4 has made me think more about what it means to be a family. A healthy thriving growing family. Having my second baby has made me think about what it means to be a mother to a family. I’m not just floundering, I am growing.

This time around I’ve found myself much more relaxed and less likely to stress out about normal baby stuff. Like having your baby cry in the grocery store line up as people stare you down. Of course, temperament of my baby plays a huge role in why I feel this way. I had my high needs fussy baby first and now I have a pretty text book baby. For the most part, I feel confident and at ease and in tune with my mothering instincts. I don’t have the same urge to question my acts of parenting like I did the first time around and I’m just letting it all unfold. I know that one day my sweet babies will be growly teenagers but for now they are both tucked away in their beds with only sweetness on their faces.

PS. The dental hygienist also told me that you can cure type 1 diabetes by eating certain green foods…and you probably can guess what I thought about that.



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