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Parenting Accomplishments: I’ve Got One

April 4, 2012 // Uncategorized

I have officially conquered one of my parenting fears… traveling alone with children. Recently I traveled out of town by myself with both of my children and our old dog Maggie. As I kissed my husband goodbye I whispered to him that I was feeling a little bit nervous. What if something went wrong? What if the baby cried the whole way? I’m a natural worry wart, so I have a need to go through about two dozen ‘what if’ scenarios before doing something new. A treat my husband really enjoys.

My biggest obstacle wasn’t the driving but the ferry ride over from Vancouver to Victoria. I’ve done this trip many times alone with Ben and, at the time, even that felt like enough work. Which did not pump up my confidence to go with the baby and the old dog.

This time I packed a few treats in my bag along with my sling and seriously just hoped for the best. It wasn’t until we were parked on the ferry when I realized I was desperate for a trip to the ladies room. Looking around the car at my travel companions, I didn’t feel much enthusiasm to leave the car deck and head upstairs. I was trying to figure out how to work this one alone.

Leave the dog. Crack the window.
Sling the baby. Leave the stroller.
Bribe older child with treats. Don’t feel guilty about bribing.

We were only a small gong show in the ladies bathroom. I even managed to grab a hot coffee and juggle it all while slinging a baby who was over tired and crying and a little boy who kept laying down on the floor out of protest.

After that brief excursion we promptly returned back to the safety of our car and had a car party for the rest of the ferry ride over. I felt quite satisfied knowing I could wrangle this little parenting situation on my own.



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