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Mama In The City Gets Wheels

May 25, 2012 // Uncategorized

I’ve been a carless city girl for the last 8 out of the 9 years that I’ve lived downtown. The first year I had an old car that mostly sat in my parking spot. I’ve rented and I’ve Zipped but never did 4 wheels ever belong to me. Living car free was an easy lifestyle as a single gal, I walked a lot and took taxi cabs as needed. I flew on the float plane to go and visit my family and it was never a big deal for me not to have a set of wheels.

Then came my first baby and being carless became a bit more work. More effort and planning took place to book cars and haul carseats, but I did it for the last 3.5 years. I even wrote a blog post about how much I loved using Zip Cars in the past. When our second baby came outings became a bit more of a big deal and it wasn’t as easy to be a carless family.

For the last 4 months I rocked the carless mama gig and walked everywhere with our train of a stroller, but it was becoming more of a big deal to do outings that required me to go further than my own little hood. So, the other week I bought a car. A four door hatchback with a bit of zoom zoom to it to be exact.

It turns out that I love having a car. I still am walking places, pushing my stroller train, but I’m able to do a bit more. All those friends out of town may actually see me a bit more often! I’m digging having a hatchback and have already broken in my brand new crumb free car by having a hatchback picnic while waiting for the ferry last weekend.

Ben was so excited to have a snack in the back of the car! Even Josie got in on the relaxing.

Moon roof!



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