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Reflections Of Motherhood: Life Before The School Years

May 11, 2012 // Uncategorized

Over the last few weeks I’ve started to do this weird thing where I reminisce about the way things are while they are happening. It’s sort of like feeling sad when your on the last bite of a perfect ice cream cone. I’m thinking this is probably due to the realization that in a year or so the school years will be upon my family and things will change.

Family vacations will be planned around the school calendar. There will be no more middle of the week lunches out with my boy. Casual play dates will be left for the weekend or after school, and that is if we can fit them around everything else we will cram into the weekend.

I know this feeling is probably directly related to my current complete submergence into the depths of motherhood. We’re all having a lot of fun with me being at home and each day has something fun planned into it. The time off from work has been so much more rewarding than my last maternity leave. Probably because I’m that much more available to Ben. I know that I’m so fortunate to have this time at home with my family.

It’s days like yesterday that give me this funny feeling. Strangely, it’s a worrisome feeling mixed with total gratitude. See, yesterday was our perfect day together; we all puttered around the apartment during the morning and then off we went to our regular gymnastics class. A class that is smack in the middle of a weekday morning. A class that can’t happen once the school years start. It might have been the carefree lunch out after that made that let that funny feeling creep up on me. I’m aware that this kind of day is limited. It’s like I’m getting to the middle of my favourite ice cream cone, and while there is still a bit more to go, I’m nearing the end.

After our lunch we went to the park for unlimited sunshine and played with no clock watching at all. We met new friends and splashed in the fountain and as we walked home Ben said to me, ‘mama this was the best day!’. Then, wait for it, he grabbed my hand. I know. Heart bursting mama moment. I’m almost sure that when my children are grown it will be days like yesterday that will be some of my fondest memories of my motherhood.



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