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Listening To My Mother’s Intuition

August 23, 2012 // Birth & Breastfeeding, Parenting

My sweet little baby was quite ill yesterday and required a trip to the local children’s hospital. My mother’s intuition had kicked in the day before and I just knew that something was brewing. I texted my husband at work and told him, ‘I think the baby is sick’ and despite the fact that she was still full of her usual smiles there was this little niggling feeling that I could not ignore.

I am so thankful to live somewhere that has great medical care that I can access without any major traveling. I am thankful for nurses who are skilled in not only compassion but assessments and hands on skills. I am really thankful for drugs and antibiotics that work too.

Even with a ridiculously high temperature my girl was still all smiles.

I didn’t think that I would cry when my baby had to have a procedure done but I did. I tried to hold it in and put on my nurses hat on but it didn’t work. My nose openly ran all over the place as I tried my best to comfort my sad sad baby; it was reinforced that that I am a mother before I am a nurse.

When my girl wouldn’t settle on the hospital stretcher I crawled up on to the bed with her and nursed her in her favourite position. Her on her side curled up into my body. It was so calming and in that moment I was more than happy that I could give her the comfort of nursing.

Nursed to sleep in the hospital stretcher

Last night we were able to bring her home and we spent the whole night together snuggled up in my bed. Just her and me. She slept and slept so peacefully and woke up smiling and I am so thankful.



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