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My Big Bumbo Post

August 20, 2012 // Mama Reviews It & Giveaways

Back when I had Ben in 2008 I was given an aqua Bumbo floor seat as a baby shower gift; it was a requested gift as I was pretty sure I wanted one of the ‘newly’ standard baby paraphernalia that everyone new parent seems to have. It turned out that baby Ben did not love sitting in the Bumbo and would cry as his fat thighs pinched between the leg holders.

Then came Josie who actually enjoys sitting in it so we always have it out. She sits in it on the floor in it while I unload the groceries or while I’m cooking dinner. She will sit in it and snack on some blueberries or eat some avocado while I watch. It is getting way more use with baby #2 than it did back with #1.

Feeding baby Ben on the floor in his Bumbo

When I saw the alarming headlines that all Bumbos were being mass recalled I got an initial slight anxious feeling only because it was about a product I use daily with my baby. Of course, eventually the sensible part of my brain kicked in and went right to the WHY. Why was this product being recalled? It has been around since 2003 and is literally just a giant thing of molded plastic that you can use to sit your baby in on the floor. It didn’t have snaps or need assembly or fold up. What could go wrong?

Oh, what could go wrong? Well, parents could not follow the manufacturers guidelines and babies could get hurt. I’ve seen my own babies bucking backwards trying to escape the seat before. No one has succeed but if they had they would have fallen backwards on to the floor if I hadn’t of caught them mid act.

It seems that the parents with the injured babies admit to having their Bumbos up high on counter tops. In fact Bumbo has been recalled several times in the past for the same reason. This is how I envision the 2012 recall getting played out:

*Cute baby sits in colourful Bumbo on the counter or table top. He looks so cute! Hi baby!!
*Cute baby starts wiggling and bucks backward. Whoa! Babies are strong!
*All of a sudden the baby’s body escapes from the hold of the plastic mold and is sent sailing backwards..but not the short distance to the floor…quite a far fall from counter top to floor.
*The parent feels terrible and the baby is injured. Obviously the parents blame the Bumbo company and themselves.

Make no mistake about it, injured babies make me very sad but silly recalls make me smirk. I won’t be sending off for the safety straps or the new warning label. Instead I’ll continue to use the Bumbo on the floor with me watching. Just like the good old days.

What do you think about the recall? Disagree with me or think it is sort of silly?



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