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September As A New Year

August 29, 2012 // Parenting

For me there are two different official starts to the year. In one corner there’s January as the traditional start to the year. January is filled with hope and expectations and the traditional New Year resolutions. In the other corner we’ve got September, which for me is another chance to kick start the year! September is my second New Year mostly due to all the years when it meant going back to school. There was always a certain freshness that came with brand new school supplies ready to be devoured by the upcoming year. Since we have obvious shifts in seasons in Vancouver September will always be my unofficial start to another new year.

October, 2010

As summer comes to a close I’m feeling a special excitement about Fall. I insisted on celebrating by going out and buying a new pair of lovely flats. Shoes that will soon enough take the place all my Summertime flip flops that I’ve been hanging out in. As the days get shorter I’ve even started to dream about baking apple crumbles and burning my favourite spice scented candles well into the evenings. I’m really a big fool over everything to do with Fall.

This September Ben is heading to a new Junior Kindergarten program and I’ve had a fun time picking out a back pack and buying him a few new school clothes. He will be going every morning for 3.5 hours and I know he will thrive and love it. So, once again September means back to school in our family. I’m looking forward to the crisp walks along the seawall each morning as we walk to school together. We’ve already spotted the leaves changing colour from that healthy green hue to the vibrant orange and golden colours of Fall. I can feel the extra nip in the air and I’m enjoying the warmth of the sunshine and the coziness of my light sweater. It’s almost Fall and I’m loving it.

What is your favourite part of the upcoming Fall season? I’m sure there are a few of you who are excited for Pumpkin Spiced lattes….and maybe wearing socks?



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