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This Is What Life Looks Like

August 27, 2012 // Parenting

Order has been restored in our family! A week of a sick baby threw our whole balance off as I focused all my energy on the baby and worried about her to no end too. I’m a natural worrier and I come by it honestly! It is like I can’t even help myself from going ‘there’ and my brain starts to over think everything. Which is a good quality in a RN but an exhausting one as a mother.

Dishes piled up on the kitchen counters, teetering more than 10 plates deep. Laundry kept accumulating and I resorted to throwing it all into the bath tub (to either try and hide it or keep it all together in one place, I’m not sure). Poor little Ben had his feelings hurt a few different times when I insisted he watch one more TV show because, ‘mama is busy with the baby Ben! She’s been sick!’. This is life. Oh, this is life.

Phone calls have mostly been returned and emails that sat piled up are slowly being answered. It’s amazing that when different facets of your every day life come to a sudden halt they can easily be picked right back up when given the chance.

I was tired and weary this past Saturday and felt the emotions of the previous week sitting high on my shoulders. I am definitely that person who internalizes stress and I feel it physically. But today was another day and it was a good day. We spent the entire time outside, playing in the grass and sipping coffee. We lunched on a patio and visited a toy shop. There was ice cream and laughter and 1,000 smooches for Josie, who is on the mend.



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