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A Dinosaur Birthday Cake For Benjamin

September 9, 2012 // Parenting, Vancouver

Today Ben turned 4 and we celebrated with a picnic in the park over on Granville Island. He had picked out the theme, dinosaurs, and put his order in for what type of cake he wanted (chocolate, vanilla with strawberries and dinoasaurs on top). The boy was very specific with his cake wishes which totally helped me out. I decided not to add any extra stress to the day, been there done that, so I put a cake order in with the very delicious cake shop, Ganache Patissiere in Yaletown.

We had our wedding cake made by shop owner Peter Fong back in 2005 and so we knew he was the one to go to for a dinosaur cake for Ben. Sure enough Peter came up with something that worked within our budget and was also tasty and fun. I was also able to leave the shop with two different gluten free desserts for two of our party guests.

A dinosaur theme is so easy to put together for a birthday party. I found some great personalized printables on Etsy from Anders Ruff to add to our overall theme.

I really wanted the cake to be displayed before it was devoured, as I think looking at the cake is part of the fun. Ben was truly tickled when we took the lid off of the box and he saw the cake that he had described to me. He was also really curious about putting the candles into the cake.

Just before these photos were taken I had told him not to touch the cake and not to put the candles in. A second later the birthday boy decided to show off to his older cousin and swiped the candles and tried to put them in. Look at the cheekiness in that face!

…and then look at that reaction on his cousins face.

It was a totally low key day and ordering the dinosaur cake really allowed me to relax and not get all hot and bothered about frosting and decorating. A skill that I sort of wish I had but am also okay with leaving to the professionals.

Happy Birthday Ben!



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