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Labor Day Drama From Back In The Day

September 2, 2012 // Uncategorized

The day before I was going into the third grade I was having a playing with my friend Elizabeth at her house and had a bicycle accident. I gashed open my chin and tore half of my front tooth off during a play date that went wrong. I’m sure that at the time my mum was enjoying me being out of her hair while she got our school supplies ready for the next day. She definitely didn’t expect to get a call that I had been in a bike accident and was bleeding and hysterical and probably needed to go to the ER.

One moment I was cruising like a boss on a street in the suburbs and the next I was on my back in a gravel ditch. I’m pretty sure I blacked out and when I woke up I was bloody and in pain and scared. It was my memorable first traumatic event as a child and to this day I could relay every single detail that happened.

Like how freaked out the friends dad looked when he came to get me after she ran back to get him at their house, or how I insisted that he go back to the house to look for a towel that I had come with. I had been instructed by my mum to ensure that I bring that towel back home and not forget it outside by the sprinkler or something and I was a girl of my word. I remember how we spent some time in the emergency room being sutured and the doctor was trying to be patient with me but I was not a super cooperative patient.

I missed the first day of school that year and was terribly embarrassed by the blue stitches that held my bloody chin together. I was crazy about the snaggle tooth that was now one of my front adult teeth. To this day I still have the fake cap that they put on my tooth all those years ago. I remember going to meet the teacher and carrying one of my dad’s handkerchiefs in front of my face so I could hide from my classmates.

On that note…what’s going on for your long weekend plans? I’m getting Ben ready for a slow transition into Jr. Kindergarten and my husband actually has three days off in a row. We have a final pool party of the summer to get to tomorrow and I’m contemplating trying out Zumba for the first time sometime next week.

Long weekend lazing in the grass



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