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Enjoying A Long Weekend

October 2, 2012 // Vancouver

I just got back from an extra long weekend away with my two littles and I’m happy to report that this solo parent gig of traveling with my 2 is getting much easier. I was thinking back to our first trip together when Josie was 8 weeks old and how much worry I had about not having my husband around for back up or reinforcements. Now that my baby is 8 months old things are much more finely tuned and I’ve gotten this specific trip to my parents down pat. Of course, the fact that the baby is teething her top two teeth through didn’t make the nights easy for me, but it was fantastic not having to cook meals, worry about laundry or cleaning house.

Really the highlight of our weekend away was celebrating a couple of special birthdays (my mum and my nephew who are 1 day apart in the birthday department). Rainbow cupcakes, lemon mousse cake and more assorted cupcakes were added to the mix and are what powered Ben for the weekend. Hey, it’s not a birthday unless there’s lots of cake!

Celebrating your cousins birthday with a rainbow inspired party was definitely long weekend worthy!

Even though the weekend was pretty low key for me I’m still feeling tired tonight. I’m ready for a long warm bath with a good book before I pop back into routine tomorrow morning. Long weekends like this one are something that will be harder for me to do once I go back to work this Winter, so I’m trying to make the most of my time off from the grind by heading out of the city and to my family over on Vancouver Island.

While Ben would be quite content to have stayed away for longer, my girl seemed quite happy to be back home and see her dad. When she saw him she shook with happiness and squealed all while fist pumping. Now, it’s back to her playroom overlooking the water (AKA our living room).



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