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Happy Wine Friday!

October 5, 2012 // Parenting

When it comes to choosing a wine I’ve got a few favourite picks that I’d love to share. Back when my husband and I were hot and heavy in the dating scene, circa 2002/2003. We totally had a love affair and really lived it up by going out for many delicious dinners. We wined and dined our way through many restaurants in the city. For the most part, those rendezvous have came to a screeching halt since we welcomed our first born into the world. We still have dinner dates but not at the same frequency as we once day. However, the positive thinker in me believe that this will one day rekindle when my kids are older.

My go to wine for celebrating big moments, or just the fact that it’s the weekend, is the sauvignon blanc by Australian winery Kim Crawford. I first tried this wine while out at a seafood restaurant in Steveston a few years back and it was love at first taste. When I was pregnant with Josie I had mad cravings for this wine and a girlfriend of mine snuck a bottle into the hospital post partum. Turns out the maternity staff room has a corkscrew! This bottle usually is around $19-21 in Vancouver but my sources tell me that at the Costco in Maui it was scored for $14 a bottle. Seriously, good to know.

My favourite wine to sip with my husband over dinner or after the babes are in bed is from a local Okanagan winery, Blasted Church. While they have many great wines my favourite is the Hatfields Fuse. This is the kind of wine that I love to keep stocked in my fridge and will usually buy more than one bottle at a time. I also love the stories behind each label. A few years ago my husband and I visited this winery and have been hooked ever since.

I often pick a white wine over a red wine but I have soft spot for the middle ground of rose wines. I really like the rose by Quails Gate which is another local wine. This is also a somewhat thrifty bottle with great taste. At about $14 it is delicious and always a crowd pleaser.

I remember being absolutely shocked when I first bought wine in the US. It was ridiculously cheap in comparison and found on grocery store shelves. I remember seeing $4 bottles that would be $10 in Vancouver. In BC you can only buy alcohol at a liquor shop or in a speciality wine boutique. There is no wine stocking the shelves at our local grocer and we also have higher prices due to ridiculous wine taxes. In breaking Vancouver news, we now can bring our own wine into some restaurants and pay a corkage fee, which ranges from $5 to $38 and some restaurants have specific stipulations.

Happy wine Friday to all those participating!



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