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Little Miss Sunshine Says Aloha

October 18, 2012 // Parenting, Uncategorized, Vancouver

She looks out of her playroom window (AKA the apartment living room) and declares that the Fall blahs are upon us in Vancouver. Gone for now are the sun filled days where we’d spend all day outside together. Now we all must wear socks and shoes and carry our rain gear with us on outings just in case!

She pauses temporarily. Maybe there is a glimmer of sunshine out there? Oh, forget it! Let’s just pack our bags and go somewhere warm. Let’s go barefoot and wearing bathing suits all day long.

With the skies full of potential rain drops, little Miss Sunshine bids you Aloha!

PS. We have a few fun first coming our way. Baby’s first airplane ride, baby’s first family holiday and very soon baby’s first Chi Chi 😉

PPS. I know my comment form is wonky as of late. I blame it on Blogger. I’m reading each of your lovely comments and they always make my day!!



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