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My Dirty Laundry: Seeking Advice

November 4, 2012 // Parenting

People, I need your advice about my large amount of dirty laundry please. I want to do spend less time doing laundry! It might be the fact that living in an apartment doesn’t lend itself to extra room for a big laundry room. I imagine hiding away the piles upon piles of laundry that accumulates in a lovely appointed laundry room. As far as apartment dwelling goes, we are lucky to have an in suite stacked washer and dryer. A sliding closet door closes the whole thing off so you can’t even see it. However, I’m finding myself using it every day and I think something has to change. It drives me nuts to see the laundry basket grow full over night but it is the reality.

I know having a baby and a preschooler in the house naturally adds to the amount of laundry, but I also know I have some habits that don’t help with decreasing volume. Ben and Josie wear new pajamas every single night. This means I wash 14 pyjamas each week. I did this to myself, I know. I got into this habit of having clean pajamas every night back when Ben was a newborn and there was frequent diaper changes going on. I rationalized that since the baby wears diapers it was a good idea to change her sleeper every night. However, in Hawaii I packed only 3 pairs per kid for the 12 days and it worked out just fine.

Please give me your laundry tips so I can spend less time doing it! To cut back I’ve only been half dressing my kids, as evidenced in these photos taken by my husband this afternoon. How often do you do your laundry? Do you have a schedule of when you change your towels and bed sheets?

My dream laundry room would be big and spacious with counter space and shelves! No more stacking my cleaning products on top of the dryer. I might just like an old fashion yellow, blue and white colour theme and I’d love to hang some chunky frames with cute posters from Etsy. Check out this laundry room that rocks a chandelier. Hello!

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