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A Little Bit Of Bubbly!

December 18, 2012 // Vancouver

When I think about celebrating special occasions I tend to think about cracking open a bottle of something alcoholic and bubbly. My husband does not love bubbly adult beverages, so I’m often left seeking out moments that I can bust open a bottle with girlfriends or family. Despite even having authentic real champagne, my husband still turns his nose up at the taste and the carbonation. I quite like sipping on sweet or dry wine that has a sparkle added to it.

Of course, most bubbly beverages are not truly champagne but a sparkling wine, and I’m okay with that. Currently residing in my fridge is a chilled bottle of Oyster Bay Cuvèe Brut from New Zealand that I’m going to open with my girlfriend this Wednesday when we have a little Christmas celebration at my place. I haven’t tried it before but it has got me a little bit excited. Hence the blog post about sparkling wine.

I would really love to have a dozen or so of beautiful champagne flutes in my collection of glassware, but I have zero. Currently, any sparkling wine will be sipped out of a wine glass which will work just fine, but a girl can dream. I quite like the simplicity of the Viv Flute from Crate and Barrel and at $6.15 a glass it isn’t too outrageous to wish for a set of flutes! Recently I was browsing for Christmas pressies at Fine Finds in Yaletown and was offered a glass of sparkling wine as soon as I walked in the door. I graciously accepted the flute (obviously) while I looked around the shop. How could I say no? Even sweet Josephine’s upcoming birthday next month will be kicked off with a boisterous opening of a bottle of bubbles.

” There comes a time in every woman’s life when the only thing that helps is a glass of Champagne”- Bette Davis



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