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I’m Wearing Fingerless Gloves

December 30, 2012 // Beauty

For Christmas I asked for a pair of chunky fingerless gloves. My husband helped Ben pick some a pair of grey gloves for me and I love them. As a stroller pushing mama in the city, I thought fingerless gloves would be helpful in holding my latte without it slipping to the pavement below. Err….I mean, help me tend to the baby during those cold morning walks to Ben’s school. Clipping her in and out of the stroller, wiping her little nose, snapping up Ben’s buttons on his big coat and carefully dishing out goldfish crackers. All of these things are a little bit more frustrating when I’m wearing my regular gloves. Hence, the necessity of fingerless gloves.

Celebrity mama, Katie Holmes, working her fingerless gloves.

My husband thought it was a bit of a silly thing for someone to ask for but went along with it anyways. I think the logical part of his brain was likening it to wearing shorts out on a cold cold day. However, I was thinking about the motherly function of fingerless gloves. Many people who choose this hand warmer actually wear these for the ease of texting and tweeting out and about while keeping warm. Of course, on a truly blizzardy day fingerless gloves would prove to be a bit ridiculous and I’d opt in for something that covers all of my fingers!

Heart fingerless gloves from Object Mythology

What do you think about fingerless gloves? Yea or nay? Apparently they are also called, ‘glovettes’.



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  1. I really like how fingerless gloves look, however I do not wear them because my fingertips get cold too fast =(

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