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Having Fun With Children

January 20, 2013 // Parenting

It seems that I’ve been amping up the amount of fun activities I’ve been doing with my kids this past month. All of this extra fun is in preparation for going back to work in a couple of weeks. It’s as if I’m filling up some kind of imaginary ‘fun bank’ for all those days where I’m at the hospital or coming off of a night shift and feeling too tired to do anything that requires getting dressed. At least I’ll feel comforted that I did some fun things with them recently, and maybe I won’t acquire too much of that mother guilt during the transition of going back to work?

We’ve just started going to an afternoon music class together at the new community centre in the Olympic Village every Monday. I pick Ben up from his morning at Jr K and off we go to our little music class. Afterwards we head for a treat at the neighbouring Terra Breads cafe, because I love my afternoon coffee and also the quite moments with my children. It is truly a great way to spend a Monday afternoon when you’re a mum and I’ve gotten quite good at wrangling both of them while we are out.

There has been lots of park time on the good clear Wintery days and also hitting the open gym for the 5 and under crowd on the cooler wetter ones. We’ve had many walks around the neighbourhood and have been taking in various local events as they pop up in the city. The other day I realized I might be going a bit overboard when I looked at the calendar and there was at least one ‘kidcentric’ event every single afternoon that week. Gymnastics! Music! Playdates! Adventure walks! My kids are going to go through some serious mama withdrawal when shift work comes back into our lives next month.

It’s been really special having all of these fun things to do each day and I’m glad that I’ve taken the time to do them. You know, instead of making dinner or doing the laundry. Recently I asked Ben’s if he thought that I worked and I loved his response. He replied with an instant ‘no’, but quickly follows up with, ‘you are a nurse for moms and babies! Am I right?’. It’s time to go back to the grind and the only thing that separates me with work is a mere couple of weeks. In the meantime bring on the fun!

Just another afternoon being silly and having fun together!



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