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My Dog Wears Socks

January 29, 2013 // Apartment Living

When we moved we left behind a fully carpeted condo and traded it in for lovely dark hardwood floors. In the last four years we’ve spent so much time keeping the old carpet clean from all of the kid stuff and the dog. Days before I gave birth to Josie I hauled out our Hoover steam vac and went to town deep cleaning the carpet. Talk about nesting! I always got a bit of satisfaction seeing all of the dirty water that came up off the carpet, it was really just plain gross.

Our old dog Maggie is in her senior years and the transition to hardwood has been tough on her. Lots of scrambling of her legs trying to get up off the floor and into a standing position. We are no strangers to elderly dogs and hardwood floors; a few years ago we had 17 year old ‘Jill the Dog’ and she wore booties so she could walk the hardwood too. People would come over and giggle at the site of the dog wearing her black booties inside and we always had to explain what was going on. Of course, the booties were made for all those athletic peppy dogs who go hiking but they also work wonders for dogs who have trouble with smooth flooring.

Smoothly walked around the hardwood but ultimately hanging out on the rug

We did go out and buy some booties for ‘Maggie the Dog’ but the first pair just did not work out and kept slipping off her little legs and feet. So, my husband went out and found our old girl some DOG SOCKS. Tiny pink and black dog socks with treads on the bottom. They are hilarious and I am smiling every time she walks silently around our new place in her socks. No scrambling to get up off the floor and no more constant ‘tick tick tick’ of her claws on the wood. For some reason they stay on her nice and snug and she doesn’t seem to mind them.



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