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I’ve Found The Best Pie In Vancouver

February 16, 2013 // Vancouver

I am an avid pre planner so I am always thinking ahead to which occasions will be coming up for the coming month. So, while it may still be the middle of February I can’t help but go over the month of March and think about birthdays and special events that might need a little bit of thought. This is just how I function and it doesn’t necessarily make me more organized, as I’ve often got a pile of unposted cards addressed and stamped sitting in my bedroom.

Back in November I took Ben to Yaletown’s Candy Town event, a pre holiday celebration that also showcased many small local businesses. It was a great community activity that also featured kid friendly events like visiting the one horned reindeer. It was at this event that I first saw a little booth called The Pie Hole, selling pies obviously, and so my pre planning mind stared ticking away. You see, my husband is a lover of pie and isn’t particularly interested in cake. I filed away the pie information for his February birthday knowing that serving up pie on his big day would be greeted with enormous appreciation.

A trio of mini pies makes a perfect addition to a birthday celebration! We sampled Key Lime, Butter Pecan and Maple Bacon French Toast. All were amazing!

The talent behind ‘The Pie Hole’ is Jenell Parsons who has taken the appreciation of pie to a whole new level. I can’t adequately say how delicious these pies were. However, my husband felt very strongly about them and wrote Jenell quite the love letter.

As a known pie lover, I’m saddled with eating a lot of mediocre pie. Pies are like cheeseburgers. Even the most average pie, like an average cheeseburger, is pretty good. But to get past that, to get to a level that transcends what people normally know as pie, is extremely rare.

I’m from Florida and that was the best Key Lime pie I’ve ever had.

You’ve reminded me what pie can be.

I love your pies,

Alex F.

Hubba hubba! My husband is in lurve with these pies. I urge you to put an order in with The Pie Hole and you too will fall in love with these pies. Sweet or savoury, The Pie Hole has you covered! While they don’t yet have a store front you can get your pies delivered, I did and it was so easy, or you can pick them up at her kitchen near Science World. Check them out on Facebook!



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