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The Big And The Little

March 9, 2013 // Parenting

When I’m working during the week we have a really great nanny that takes care of the kids at our home. Every time she is with them she raves about how well Ben takes care of Josie and how much they play together. Apparently Ben really watches out for her and hearing that makes me very happy. I’ve always known that he dotes on her but it feels more heart warming to hear that from someone else, especially when I’m not around. He is most definitely her big brother and the relationship between them is pretty awesome.

January 2012. Makings of a brother. The first meeting.

I often get asked if Ben showed any jealousy when his baby sister came along and I can report that this big brother never showed any jealousy towards his little sister or even to me when I’ve had to do some 1:1 time with her as a little baby. Sure there have been times when Ben has a treat and I ask him to share it with Josie and he breaks off a piece as big as (.) and hands it to her. Overall I got lucky in the sibling department and so far this duo is tight. So much so that Ben actually requested to share a bedroom with Josie. For the first year she hung out next to us in our room but now the two share their bedroom together. How convenient for us as apartment living usually means siblings do end up sharing bedrooms, we just pretend it was Ben’s idea.

A little iPhone love from November, 2012

I only grew up with sisters so I don’t have any idea about the brother-sister rules for growing up. So far they admire each other immensely and we haven’t had to deal with squabbles just yet. I think it is going to be pretty awesome to watch them grow up together. So often I hear the anecdote from people about, ‘how lucky Josie has a big brother to watch out for her’. Very cliche when it comes to roles but it’s sort of true for us.

August 2012. Bright and early.

March 2013. Snuggles on the water taxi.

Did you grow up with a brother? Do you have any special memories of him and you? I’m really glad to have a boy that is caring and loving like Ben



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