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The Cost Of Childcare In Vancouver: Part 2

March 28, 2013 // Parenting

A couple of years ago I wrote a post about how much we paid in daycare fees, $80/day for a licensed at home day care, and it continues to be one of my most read posts. Google tells me that many other people are hitting the internet to find out how much does daycare cost in Vancouver too. Check out that blog post here. Childcare was a hot topic for Vancouver mom bloggers when I met with our Premier last May to talk about issues that effected us, and the cost of childcare was a common topic that many mothers brought forward. A few months after that I even did an interview in my living room with the CBC on the lack of at work daycares in Vancouver. Childcare is one of those things that gets us hot and bothered when it is our current issue but as our children get older we seem to age out of this hot topic.

Going back to work my schedule was different than when I went off on maternity leave. I had been working a responsive shift schedule and most of my shifts fell within Thursday-Monday. So, we booked Ben in at his $80/day at home daycare for Mondays and Thursday. Leaving my husband to solo parent on the weekends that I worked. Basically saving us at least another $160 a week.

This time around I had a mixed schedule and my weekday work days are variable. There is no set days that I work and that makes child care harder to work out. Plus, Ben goes to a morning Jr K program and pick up and drop off had to be factored in too. This time around we looked to Nannies On Call and after a few emails back and forth we figured out a plan that would work for us. We now have an amazing nanny who has all these wonderful qualifications and is a perfect fit for Ben and Josie. I book her about a month in advance and we pay her an hourly wage of $16/hr and have her for 8 hour days. Luckily my husband can be a little bit flexible with his work schedule on the days I’m at the hospital. Which is how we get away with the 8 hours.

Ben & Josie out about Vancouver with the nanny

Morning playtime at the open gym in Mount Pleasant

An afternoon of visiting the horses at Stanley Park

So much activity makes my two so sleepy! Napping on the horse and carriage ride

From what I gather from friends, nannies in Vancouver make around $12-16/hr depending on their qualifications, if they are private or through an agency, and how many children they are taking care of. For us, the $16/hr gets us a nanny who has been pre screened and has First Aid/CPR. Our nanny is amazing and I love love love her so much. She takes my kids on fantastic adventures and has this genuine enthusiasm for spending the day with them. If my children are well taken care of while I’m working, I’m able to take better care of my own labouring mamas.



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