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The Unofficial Anthropology of Me

March 14, 2013 // Parenting

I’ve been a busy lady over here and I’m enjoying the new adventures that have been coming my way. The other day I had my very first night shift in over 1.5 years and while I didn’t love it per se, I didn’t hate it. It turns out that being awake and working at 4 AM sucks just as much I remember it to be and so does the night shift hangover the next day.

Working a night shift means my husband did a bit more playtime with the kids so I could take it easy.

Mama in the Media

While I was laying in my bed after work I checked my email and had a request for two different media interviews about this blog post I did on kindergarten in Yaletown. I did one phone interview laying in bed all groggy from my shift and lined up another interview for the next day on The Bill Good Show. You can listen to that interview with me here: CKNW Radio Interview.

The blog post I wrote on the lack of kindergarten space in Yaletown had some crazy traffic and still continues to. Sadly I think it is one of those topics that gets an annual rant but than fizzles out and stays dormant until the next group is effected. Lather, rinse, repeat. How else can the same problem happen year after year?

When Ben was a fussy infant people would console me by telling me that my next baby would be quiet and would sleep well. Turns out that Josie was an easier quieter baby, but she’s making up for things in the mischief department as she gets into her toddler years.

Mama in the Classroom

Over the weekend I went to a breastfeeding conference and listened to Dr. Katherine Dettwyler, an anthropology professor from the university of Delaware, speak on various topics related to breastfeeding. I have a love for continuing education and enjoyed going to the conferences for the chance to gain new insights. I was also interested in the whole anthropology side to breastfeeding and I haven’t spent much time in the classroom learning about this side to breastfeeding. During our conference Dr. Dettwyler shared her thoughts/beliefs around crying and infants. In basic summery, she believes that infants who are parented in a certain way do not cry. In fact, babies as a whole are not meant to cry. This left me thinking, why did my first born cry so much despite a very natural parenting approach? Did I do something wrong? Do you think babies naturally should not cry if we just parent them enough?

Of course my mind went right back to my first year as a mother and all of the mighty crying that went on in our lives. My feisty little crier was born and started hollering and he just never stopped. He breastfed on demand day or night and slept next to me. He was constantly worn by me, my husband or my sister and we all perfected a sling dance to help this baby relax. Despite all of this nurturing parenting he still did cry. Despite the unrestricted nursing, foot rubs and baths together but for us nursing/holding/carrying was not an absolute cure for our crying baby. According to Dr. Dettwyler all this crying doesn’t happen elsewhere. This is a thing that makes me go hmmm. I don’t think we can take different cultures or societies, line them up, and expect the same behaviours from everyone.

Mama in the Now

Tomorrow there is suppose to be more rain in Raincouver, and with all the previous wet I’m getting great use out of my teal Hunter boots that I bought last Fall. I’m also making a grand effort to go to bed earlier so I can quit complaining about how tired I feel by the end of the day. I have great intentions of heading off to bed as soon as I press publish. Tomorrow I am looking forward to having a perfect latte, nursing my daughter in the morning and taking a picture of Ben’s hat that we made for ‘crazy hat day’ at preschool tomorrow.



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