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I’m That Mom On Her iPhone

April 7, 2013 // Parenting

A particular meme has been floating around Facebook for awhile now and recently a friend reposted it leaving me feeling a little bit annoyed. So, what do I do about it? Well, I’m a blogger, so I blog about it of course. Perhaps you’ve also seen this post too? Maybe you even ‘liked’ it and agreed with the sentiment? I’m talking about the chastising post about mothers who should hang up their iPhones and be present with their children instead.

This Facebook post actually originated from a personal blog post from a mother of 4 somewhere out in the midwest of the good ol’ US of A, ‘Dear Mom on the iPhone‘. It continues to circulate social media and people are nodding their heads with great satisfaction and overall judgement. If you haven’t read the original post the gist is this, mothers should stop pulling out their iPhones when they are with their children as time is very fleeting and you need to be present. This topic seems to go along nicely with the words of wisdom that I was frequently besotted with from strangers when both my children were very tiny babies. The, ‘enjoy every minute, they grow so fast’ type of wisdom that I constantly heard wherever we went. I really did hear them but I was too busy thinking, ‘I’m so tired! I just want a fucking nap!’.

Parents are not perfect and some are better at different parts of child rearing than others. The one thing that I’m most certain of is, no matter how great of a mother you are parents do not get breaks. We don’t get time to do personal planning or five minutes to use the bathroom alone. In fact, today I washed my hair which was amazing as it had been 6 days since the last time I was able to take the time off to do so. So, I can’t help but to feel defensive to all of the hearty “yeah! yeah! I agree!” in response to the ‘Dear Mom on the iPhone’ post. Instead, let’s be kind. and let’s be gentle.

One of the great things about being a parent is you learn how to multitask as soon as you have your baby. So, while I am at the park, for the second or third time that day, I am also on my iPhone texting about dinner plans with my husband. While I’m pushing sweet gorgeous Josie on the baby swing, I’m also taking a cute picture of her to send to her grandma. I might also be texting with a friend about meeting up for a playdate or maybe on Twitter reporting the rainy weather in Vancouver all while Instagraming a photo of my perfect latte.

While the original blogger intended for her post to be more eye opening than judgemental, the spin off of her blog post is just that. It is purely judgemental, which is something that mothers seem really good at doing to other mothers. While I am out and about with my two kids you might catch me making silly faces with them or playing on the playground with my two and from time to time you might see me on my iPhone when I’m with my kids and I am okay with that. I think that to be a good mother and to raise good kids every moment doesn’t have to be the making of a Hallmark moment.

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What do you think about mom’s on their iPhone while they’re out raising their children? Acceptable or not at all? I’d love to hear about your practice of using your smartphone while your children are around.



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  1. I could not agree with you more. This woman is a narcissist maniac. I will be a tad more blunt than you. “My name is Tonya. I’m a mom. What’s your super power?” Ummm…taking off my spanx as I drive down the highway? I’m not getting what makes you a superhero? I am a 34 mother of six month old. I am a full time sales rep. I drive three hours a day. My husband travels to China every four weeks for two weeks. I do not consider myself a superhero and nor should this lunatic. I had a few questions for her but she only allows praise onto her site. Where did she attain her degree in family psychology? Where did she gain her financial experience? What are her credentials? Why is she spreading this toxic bullshit? I want to know who the woman was in the photo. Was it a photo shoot? She said it was hypothetical so who is that chick? Does she know she was photographed by this creepy, obviously bored mother of four? She apparently believes she has journalistic talents because she followed it up with “Dear Dad in the recliner”. Dad is tired. Dad has to support your ass, your four children, infertility treatments and your super powers. Dude is tired. Listen lady, as your rubbing your essential oils on your temples trying to stir up the creative juices, put the oils down and shove your cherry, chocolate strudel up your judgemental ass.

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