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Work Day Snapshots

April 22, 2013 // Parenting

I’ve always been keen with embracing technology and am happy that it exists in my life. Technology was how I met my husband, back in the days when it was considered a little weird and unusual to do meet people that way. Right now I’m happily loving technology in my life as a parent; especially when I’m off doing a shift and away from my kids for all of their wakeful hours.

When I’m working I’ve been really lucky that our nanny will send me short texts about what she is up to with the kids followed by cute pics, my husband does the same thing when I’m working over the weekend. Getting these little glimpses into their day makes being away so much nicer and keeps us connected. Somehow they always look so quiet and well behaved in the iPhone photos!

Wrinkly feet post pool. My husband is brave and takes the two of them to our pool alone. I haven’t done that yet but he does it every weekend that I work. Then there are the usual playtime antics and being silly on my bed.

When the weather is dry outdoor play is a must. Heck, even when it is raining outdoor play still happens. All that running around makes bedtime a breeze which helps when you are solo parenting.

Throughout my work day I get to keep up on the adventures that my husband has with the kids and I’m happy to be included, even if it is via iPhone pictures. While sometimes going the change in routine of going off to work can be a bit of a break for me, I do miss my family and these little snapshots really do help make a mama feel okay with being away. When my hubby texts me the following photo I also totally understand his moment. ‘Give me coffee! Give me an adult beverage!’, I can totally support that.



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