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Scottsdale, Here We Come!

May 4, 2013 // Parenting

This Mother’s Day I’ll be with my family soaking up our last day in the hot desert sun in Scottsdale Arizona. We’re excited to be staying at the Fairmont in Scottsdale and I’m already day dreaming about a little poolside lounging. I’m thinking that Mother’s Day might be nice with a brunch together and then maybe a mojito in hand while we all lounge poolside and just relax with no rush to be anywhere. We’ve been to Arizona before and always enjoy visiting our family and also the change of scenery. Luckily the flight is short and sweet, which is always a bonus when you are traveling with a ‘lap child’ or just children in general.

We can’t wait to be here!

The last time we had to fly our seats were not together and were on opposites ends of the aircraft. I tried to be all, ‘it’s no big deal!’ but the truth was I was sweating a little when I took my seat with the baby and sat down in between two men. Of course, Josie just wanted to nurse nurse nurse her little heart out and I decided not to care at all about the two dudes on either side of my shoulders and just did my thing. I had one of those large soft Aden & Anais swaddling blankets that I used as a nursing scarf and also a blanket for the baby. She napped and nursed and I waited patiently for my husband to appear with a glass of wine or to take the baby out of my hands. He did appear, just before landing and he did whisk Josie away.

This time Josie is 6 months older but will still be a lap child on the plane. I’m expecting quite a few antics as the girl has just mastered walking and I’m going to prepare with lots of treats to get her to sit down with me. At nearly 16 months old she is quite a persistent little girl who enjoys a good loud shout if she doesn’t get her way. I’ve decided to just take it all in stride and dream about Mother’s Day poolside with my family instead of sweating over the potential plane antics.

Besides being excited to stay at the Fairmont I’m also looking forward to a double date night with my bother in law and his wife. We are going to leave the kids behind and go to and check out the iPic Theatre which sounds like a really fun time. Think dinner and a movie (and drinks!) all in one place at the same time. We don’t have this in Vancouver and I’m excited to go and try it out.

Bring on the desert heat!



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