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May 29, 2013 // Parenting

This past Sunday I told myself that I needed to have a better week with the one that was ahead of me. I wanted to be more productive and check more things off things my ‘to-do’ lists. A to-do list that had just been sitting there rather dormant collecting dust. So, Monday morning came and I bustled around and mailed off some very belated birthday packages. I bought some birthday presents for wee special friends way back at the start of April and they’ve been wrapped and ready sitting in my bedroom since then. I’ve got such good intentions and really bad follow through. I do want to be better and more on top of it. I also pine for a housecleaner and day dream about all the amazing things that I could do if I didn’t have to worry about sweeping the floors or scrubbing the bath tub.

I told myself that I wanted to make more healthy delicious dinners instead of ordering in sushi or something. While I do love good sushi I also like it to be occasional. So far there’s been more home cooking of all the meals going on, but not without the help of my husband. I do admit that one of the things that sealed the deal in wanting to marry him was his amazing cooking skills. He is a seriously awesome at cooking and sometimes I find myself intimidated in the kitchen compared to his skills.

Today we went to Ben’s kindergarten orientation at the ‘over flow’ school that we were given a spot at. You might remember my post about the lack of kindergarten spaces in our neighbourhood and how Ben didn’t get a spot. It turns out that this post was very well read and has been one of my highest reads with many Google searches. I also did 2 different media interviews on the topic and was glad to have the outlet. So, I felt a bit of passion and scepticism about this little kindy orientation.

So, we went to the meeting at the back up school and it turns out there are lots of positives happening and we are feeling really good with things. In fact, we might actually like it more and think maybe we came out ahead. The school we didn’t get into is seriously over crowded and there isn’t even a true school playground. Instead the children all clamour for the use of the tiny city play ground next to the school grounds. It is so over run that the other day, after preschool, Ben was accidentally bull dozed by a bigger kid and had some scrapes and bruises on his torso, arms and legs from the boy landing on top of Ben. I’ve heard that the accident and concussion rates have been quite high and I can see how that is unavoidable.

Anyways, it has only been 2 days of trying to be on top of it and tomorrow I will strive for the same. I really yearn to feel on top of things and I know that I actually thrive when I have A-B-C all in place (ahead of time to boot). My to-do list still exists and there is more work to be done so I will just keep moving.



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