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My Weekend

June 17, 2013 // Parenting

This weekend I worked both days in the maternity unit and left my husband to do all the child rearing, even over the grand occasion of Father’s Day. This afternoon I looked around at all the mother’s I was working with and we all remarked how our husbands were all celebrating Father’s Day by taking care of the kids on their own. A few of the dads even dropped by to come and pay a visit. Side note, all of the coworker babies that dropped today were all born on our unit. I sort of think that has a totally cool city-in-the-family vibe.

My husband is totally not the type of guy to just stay at home when he’s hanging with the kids all weekend long and always goes takes them off on an adventure. He takes them out to a restaurant for brunch and they water taxi trips over to Granville Island. Today was no exception and my 3 went off to the water park and played outside for many hours. It totally crushes me to miss out on these fun weekends but it’s pretty awesome to see pictures like these. Photos of my babies just enjoying themselves is seriously awesome.

I purposefully work extra weekends to help cut down on our child care costs, so knowing about all the fun everyone has is a perk to me. Of course, I do still kind of a bit of hate over missing out. After working many weekends in a row I’m excited to have next weekend totally off. I am totally counting down the days till next Saturday when the nanny is booked to come and there is a major date that will take place with my husband.

What do you like to do on the weekend? Do you seek out some ‘me time’ or are you more likely to spend it with your family?



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